Our Safari Booking Process

Our safari booking process is centred around you, our guest. It all starts with a dedicated one-on-one consultation with our safari experts, where we learn more about you, your travel style and preferences and provide expert advice tailored for your requirements.

Our Safari Booking Process step-1

Step 1

A Safari Consultation

Your safari booking process starts with a private, one-on-one consultation with our safari expert to learn more about you, your preferences and your travel style. You will also get expert advice on where to go, when to go and what to do on your safari.

Our Safari Booking Process step-1

Step 2

Get a custom-made plan

Having learnt about you, we work with our expert team to build a custom-made plan based on your travel style and preferences, ticking off all your requirements, style and accommodation preferences – ensuring no requirement is left out.

Our Safari Booking Process step-1

Step 3

Review & refine

With a customised experience in hand, we work with you to review and refine it further. We take great pain to ensure the experience works with your general travel requirements including your travel dates and international connection flight connections.

Our Safari Booking Process step-1

Step 4

Book & confirm

Once you are happy with the experience, we work in the background to book and confirm your finalised safari plan. Only after we have secured and guaranteed the entire plan do we move to the next step of the booking process.

Our Safari Booking Process step-1

Step 5

Secure payment

Once all provisional bookings are in place, you will receive the invoice for your safari. We provide convenient options to pay for your safari online through a secure link or you can choose to go with a traditional bank wire transfer.

Our Safari Booking Process step-1

Step 6

Preparation for arrival

Get expert support as you plan your travel, plan your packing list and other nuances of travel. Our expert team remains at hand the entire time to answer your questions, hold more video calls and provide all the help you need to get to Tanzania!

Flexible & Transparent

Our bookings are guaranteed! We do not confirm your booking or request payment unless we have secured all your accommodation and tour options. We work with you to ensure every aspect of your booking is clearly visible to you at all times. We never swap out any tours, excursions or accommodation after a booking confirmation.

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