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Welcome to Napenda Adventures

We are a local Tanzanian safari company that is family owned and operated. We are a passionate bunch that are fanatic about safari personalisation. We custom-make every experience from the ground up to cater for every need and want of our guests.

As a boutique operator, we prefer to do a few safaris really well rather than hundreds that are mediocre. We love Tanzania and want our guests to enjoy truly authentic experiences that can only ever be had in Tanzania.

This authenticity reflects in the way we work, the lodges and camps we work with and the experiences we build. Each one of our experience is uniquely African with something more to offer than just another travel destination.

Our Story

Founders of Napenda Adventures

The story of Napenda Adventures began back in 2007 when the founders, Khuzeima and Fatema, went on their first safari together. At the time, Fatema had already spent almost a decade in the travel industry, while Khuzeima was pursuing his own independent path in the fintech space.

Like a nirvana moment, they were struck anew by the beauty of wild Tanzania and the abundance of raw nature. It was a life-changing experience that sparked a deep passion within them to share the wonders of Tanzania with the rest of the world. This was the genesis of Napenda Adventures.

As they gradually developed their and delved deeper into the safari space, they discovered that the safari scene was full of great operators but most had something in common – they offered cookie-cutter packages with very little in the way of personalisation. Only a few offered the kind of service that they envisaged, mostly at a very high price point. Here lay the opportunity – to provide something different, a personalised service that prioritised one-on-one consultations and catered to individual needs and preferences, but available to more.

Fast forward 16 years and Napenda Adventures is a boutique safari company that offers one of the greatest ways to think about, plan and execute your Tanzanian safari. We work closely with you, our guest, to understand your style and preferences and then craft a custom-made itinerary that caters to your individual needs.

Our passion for Tanzania and its natural beauty is what drives us, and we are dedicated to sharing this with you.

Let’s create an unforgettable safari experience together.

Licensed Operator

We are a fully licensed, Class A safari company, registered under the Tanzania Ministry of Natural Resources & Tourism (MNRT), License no.017008.

A Member of TATO

We’re a proud member of the Tanzania Association of Tour Operators (TATO), and work with various initiatives to promote sustainable tourism to Tanzania.

Napenda Adventures is a proud member of the Tanzania Association of Tour Operators
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